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Bike Tour

Option 1: Angkor Region & Rainforest

Angkor is a region that served as the seat of the Khmer Empire (9th - 15th centuries). While there are over 100 stone temples; we choose 5 most impressive ones which are the definite must-sees such as: Angkor Wat (the one appears on Cambodia national flag) - Bayon - Preah Khan - Tanei - Taprom - Prasat Chrung*.

*per person

Option 2: Angkor Wat Sunrise & Ancient City Discovery

Seeing the sunrise at Angkor Wat is an impeccable discovery of the natural beauty with a scene filled with mysterious shadows due to its amazing unrivaled architecture. As the crowds thin along with the early morning haze, stroll through the temple's complex chambers and learn the site's fascinating history is truly unforgettable.

*per person

Option 3: Half-day Tour: Angkor Wat & Bayon

A fun ride towards a symbol of Cambodia, Angkor Wat and Bayon, the other jewel in the Angkor temples crown. On the flat path of peaceful environment, visitors will be greeted by enormous trees, providing much appreciated shades and monkeys scampering across the streets.

*per person

Option 4: East Corner of Siem Reap: Rolous Group & Countryside

The ride across countryside to Rolous group, learning about local villages and different aspects of life: farming cycle, vegetable grown, domestic animal farming with the warm and enthusiastic greet from friendly kids and locals. Delve into the local community is truly an exhilaration and eye-opening experience.

*per person